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gun license

We offer discounts when combining multiple-state classes together. This helps you save money and time, while allowing you to apply for permits in multiple states. Ask us how this works.

pistol permit class

CT Pistol Permit Class

Become pistol certified

in order to obtain 

a Pistol Permit 


CT pistol permit class near me
defensive pistol shooting
defensive pistol

(Continued Firearms Education):  Practical Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun courses

Come add this essential training to your arsenal of skills to learn how to use your pistol, rifle, or shotgun as a defensive tool in these must-have courses.


Offered in multiple disciplines to

include pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses

from beginner to advanced skill levels.

Massachusetts LTC

ma lac course

Become certified

in order to obtain 

a Massachusetts License to Carry 


home defense class

 Home Defense Plan & Consultation
(force-on-force using Airsoft)

Learn how to defend yourself in a home-based situation. Includes a personalized home defense plan.


5- Hours


(1-8 students)

multi state permit

Utah Permit (Multi-State Permit)

Take this class to apply for the UT permit and be able to carry in 30+ states





pistol instructor

Become an Instructor

Times & prices vary depending on desired disciplines, click below for more information.

Pistol, Defensive Pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun instructor courses offered. 
Also offering Chief Range Safety Officer courses.

defensive pistol course

CCW (concealed carry workshop/defensive pistol)

Learn how to conceal carry and use your firearm in a defensive encounter.


realistic training

 Defensive Training
(force on force SIMS)

Learn how to defend yourself in a home-based situation and other daily-life situations.


4-6 Hours


rifle class

Basics to Rifle 


Rifle Certification



range safety officer class

Become a Range

Safety Officer

Become a Range 

Safety Officer (RSO)


pistol permit class near me

Private Pistol


8 Hours


ct pistol permit

Private Rifle


8 Hours


ct permit

Private Groups &


1-8 Hours (customized to your needs)

*Contact us*

REFUND POLICYAbsolutely NO refunds. If you need to reschedule, you must do so 5-days before your class date for your deposit to be honored and transferred to another date. In this case, you must reschedule a course within 1-year of your original course date. No exceptions.

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