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CT Pistol Permit Class

Become Certified in order to obtain a CT Pistol Permit

pistol permit class

The Basics to Pistol Shooting class will educate students on proper and safe gun handling, pistol parts and how they work, ammunition,  safe pistol storage, cleaning and maintenance, holsters, the permit application process, and more. This is the course that is needed in order to obtain a pistol permit and each student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the 8-hour class. Students of various ages can take this class to become Pistol Certified, but only students who are 21 years old or older can apply for a State Pistol Permit.

APPLICATION PROCESS: CT Pistol Permit Application (for CT residents): You will use the NRA or USCCA certificate for this. Call your local police department and have them give you the code that is needed to access the online state application. Then, insert it here: Once you complete the application, the state will give you code/tracking number. Contact your local PD with that code to schedule your fingerprint appointment and to complete the process with the PD. Once your application is complete, it will be sent out for a state and federal background check (the fees were paid when you submitted the online application). It can take up to 12-weeks to run your background check (could be more or less depending on the town you live in). Once it is done, your local PD will contact you so you can pick up your TEMPORARY Pistol Permit. The day you pick that up, you can go directly to the state police headquarters at 1111 Country Club Rd., Middletown, CT 06457. Bring your TEMPORARY Pistol Permit and $70 (if using cash, make sure it’s exact as they do not provide change). They will photograph you and hand you your permit. Now you can purchase all legal firearms in CT and ammunition, as well as conceal carry your handguns in all legal places in CT. The permit is valid for 5 years, every 5 years you send in the $70 fee to have it renewed, like a driver’s license. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU ALL CONTACT YOUR LOCAL PD PRIOR TO STARTING THE PROCESS AS EACH PD MIGHT HAVE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT WAYS OF DOING THINGS. 


CT Pistol Permit (for non-residents): You will use the “NRA” certificate for this. Click this link and follow the instruction in center column and complete the app: Please note, that you must first obtain the permit/license to carry from another state/jurisdiction prior to applying for the CT Permit. The NRA certificate does not expire under any law.

PROCESOS PARA APLICAR: CT Permit (para los que viven en CT):  Usen el certificado del NRA o del USCCA para este permiso. Contacten el cuartel local y pregúntenles por el código para aplicar al Pistol Permit. Luego, pongan el código en este link para acceder a la aplicación: Llenenla y envien el pago para el background check federal y estatal. Cuando lo hayan hecho, el estado les va dar un código. Llamen al cuartel local y denle el código para que les den la cita para sacarse las huellas. Vayan a la cita con el certificado del NRA. Ellos le enviaran la aplicación al gobierno estatal y federal para el background check, y esto se puede demorar hasta 12-semanas (puede ser mas o menos). Cuando este listo el permiso temporario, el cuartel los va contactar para que lo vayan a recoger. Cuando lo recojan, lo pueden llevar de una al cuartel estatal con $70 (si van a pagar cash, debe ser cambio exacto, sino no lo aceptan) que se encuentra en 1111 Country Club Rd., Middletown, CT 06457 (los que viven en Fairfield county, pueden ir al de Bridgeport). Ahi les van a sacar la foto y entregarles el permiso oficial que es valido por 5 años. Cada 5 años tienen que enviar $70 y se la renuevan, igual que una licencia de conducir. 


CT Permit (para los que NO viven en CT): Usen el certificado del NRA para este permiso. Hagan click en este link y sigan las instrucciones que se encuentran en la columna del medio: Antes de aplicar para el permiso de CT, NECESITAN tener el permiso del estado adonde viven. El certificado del NRA no se vence. 

Location & Contact Details

Tel: (860)-707-7652


Online & in person 

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