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About Us

JP Orlando

Chief Instructor


JP has been shooting since the year 2000 and has always enjoyed the sport of shooting. He fell in love with this world so much that he continued his firearm education and obtained the following credentials:

-NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor (2017)

-NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (2019)

-NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting Instructor (2019) 

-NRA Concealed Carry Workshop (defensive pistol) Instructor (2020)

-Certified Pistol Instructor by the Massachusetts State Police (2021)

-Certified Pistol Instructor by the state of Utah (2021)

-NRA-Certified Training Counselor (certified to teach instructor-level courses for all of the NRA-certified courses listed here) (2021)

-Certified by SIMUNITION as a force-on-force defensive training instructor, as used by many law enforcement agencies around the country (2022)

-United States Concealed Carry Association-certified Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals instructor (2023)

-SIG SAUER Academy-certified Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor (2023)

-NRA Basics of Personal Protection Inside of the Home Instructor (2024)

-NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside of the Home Instructor (2024)


JP has obtained these accolades, and continues to train as much as he can in order to obtain more skills, knowledge, and certifications. All of this is to accomplish the goal of offering his fellow lawful American people the right training in order to promote the safe use of firearms.   


-Bachelors degree in legal studies (Quinnipiac University)

-Interned at the state of Connecticut's Attorney General's Office

-Worked in a private firm as a paralegal and legal advocate 

-Masters degree in management (University of Hartford)

-P.A.D.I. certified Dive Master

Fun Facts: 

-Runs the family business, Villa Las Uvas, beachfront properties located on the Caribbean Island of Cozumel.

-Enjoys riding on his ATV

-Ice hockey player

-Soccer player

-Fluent in Spanish 

-Enjoys participating in the annual CT Top Shot (breast cancer research fundraiser)

-Sharing his knowledge with others & helping them improve

JP uses his skills, knowledge, experiences and personable personality to safely manage all of his classes and students while keeping the environment fun. He makes sure that each student has a safe and enjoyable time both inside of his classroom and at the range, no exceptions. JP truly loves, and is beyond passionate, about teaching firearm safety to as many lawful American people as he can. He does what he loves, so he never works a day in his life. 

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youth firearm safety

Where & when it all started for JP at just 8-years-young.

pistol permit class near me
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