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Defensive Training (SIMS/Force on Force)

realistic training
using cover
entering doorways
clearing stairwells
clearing structures

A simunition (SIMS) round is a non-lethal projectile (350–500 fps) that is manufactured to be fired from standard caliber handguns and rifles. This round loads into standard handgun and rifle magazines to give the trainee the best training to simulate a real-life situation. 


Multiple real-life training scenarios are available in order to prepare the trainee for many real-life defensive situations: home scenarios, business scenarios, scenarios for law enforcement, and many more. Classes are available based on skill level so it does not matter if you are a novice self-defender, or an active military or law enforcement officer who is looking for extra training. 

Classes run for approximately 4 hours; are located in New Britain, CT; and cost $250 per session, per person. Class sizes range from 2-6 students.

This class, is the practical (not "tactical") class that can, and will, save your life God forbid it came to that. What is your life worth? Contact us to schedule your training date now at 

UPCOMING CLASSESClasses are scheduled based on request. Contact us to schedule a class date.

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