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           Home Defense Plane & Consultation  
                   (force-on-force using Airsoft guns)

This course will consist of a 90-minute home defense lesson followed by real-life, force-on-force scenario role-plays using Airsoft guns. This course is taught at the student's home, and will include a personalized home defense plan for the student's home and family layout. 

Defensive Topics and Drillslearning how the body & mind reacts under stress, legal use of deadly force, defensive accuracy versus bullseye accuracy, how to avoid becoming a target/victim, use of force to protect property, the aftermath of a home defense encounter, what to say (and not say) to the police, and more.

Gear and Gadgets to be discussed: night lights, reinforced windows/doors, cameras, exterior lights, firearm-mounted flashlights, handheld flashlights, holsters, different firearm platforms, phone use, and more.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: no experience necessary.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: We will provide all of the gear, and safety gear for this course.


DURATION: 5-hours

COST: $500 (this price is per class and NOT per student). This course can be taken with friends and family, we recommend a group size of no more than 8 students. 

NEXT CLASS: Scheduled on demand on a rolling basis so call, text, or e-mail us to schedule your personalized Home Defense course, which will include a personalized home defense plan for your family and home layout.

                       !!!There is NO LIVE AMMUNITION allowed in this course!!!

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