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pistol permit class

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ct pistol permit class
Dedicated to Your Success
private class

We are dedicated to our students' success. We offer a safe, stress-free, and one-on-one range experience so each student gets the time and attention that he or she deserves... No exceptions. 

Convenient Online Lessons
pistol permit class

In 2020, we started conducting online lessons to offer our students a safe, practical, and convenient classroom experience. We meet each student at the range for their one-on-one practical qualification right after the lesson is over. 

We offer a great customer experience, but don't just take our word for it...

"Overall, I found this class to be a lot of fun. JP was extremely helpful & patient with those who had no prior experience handling firearms. The course was very informative and I’d recommend it to anyone thinking of becoming certified" -Evan C

"AWESOME experience. Easy to see how JP loves what he does, he takes time to explain every single thing and make you feel comfortable and safe. He wants you to understand and enjoy what you are doing. Absolutely recommended!!" -Damian W

"if you have not taken your CT pistol class, this is the guy you have to take it with. very outgoing, knows what he is teaching, you do not get bored, and most important you learn all that you need to know about safety! thank you JP for your time 👍🏼" -Rosanna V

"JP is a quality instructor. Energetic and passionate about the subject matter. Recommend to anyone looking to earn their permit." Jeremy Z

"JP was awesome! For someone with a lower attention span I feel like I learned everything I needed to know in order to move forward with getting my permit. He definitely made me feel super safe and comfortable in operating a firearm safely, but we definitely had some laughs throughout the class as well! 10/10 recommend" 

-Isabella P

Laws can change without notice and the information on this page is not intended to be legal advice. Each individual is responsible for knowing what he/she can or cannot do with a firearm, and where he/she can or cannot go. Each individual is responsible for knowing the laws in the jurisdiction where he/she intends to carry firearms. We always recommend consulting an attorney with any questions pertaining to firearm laws.

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